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apartments for sale on the Costa del Sol

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Why rent an apartment in Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol includes about 161 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline from the province of Malaga. The proximity of venues as diverse as mountains, valleys covered with gardens and the sea makes this combination a quasi-paradise. Among the sites that are not must-see for its landscape and history contained Torremolinos, Marseilles, Nerja and Malaga of course the same.

Began by Malaga. This is the city where Pablo Picasso was born, and therefore you can visit the Casa-Museo. The showroom is located on the first floor and there you can see the great artist’s work includes: ceramics, prints and illustrated books spanning the period 1931-1971.

Malaga is also renowned for its rich historical legacy. Proof of this can be seen today in its architectural heritage, this is the case with “La Alcazaba” one of the greatest strengths of Arab Andalusia dating from the VIII-IX century. Here is located the archeological museum in the city which contains valuable pieces of Phoenician and Roman times. United by a wall to the Alcazaba is the Gibralfaro Castle where you can get one of the best views of the city that opens to the sea port.

Within the so-called historic city worth a mention the City Hall which dates from the early twentieth century. It highlights: elconcurrido Passage Chinitas Plaza de la Merced and Calle Larios main artery of the perimeter.

In urban areas suggest two beaches that are worth a visit. They are: La Caleta and Malagueta. The first is ideal for sports. Has a length of 1200 meters and a width of 45 centimeters. The type of sand found here is of volcanic origin. La Caleta on the other hand is a beach in a very familiar environment, access is not very complicated and overlooks the docks of the port. Has a length of 1400 meters and a width of 25 centimeters.

Finally, the best time to visit Malaga Semana Santa is already at that time of year is the festival declared of International Tourist Interest where each district is immersed in an authentic popular fervor. Malaga therefore combines various unique condiments, history, beaches, local festivals and its people added value that makes this unique destination on the Costa del Sol.

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Promote your apartment for sale in costa del sol to over 3000000 visitors worldwide


Read more about Promote your apartment for sale in costa del sol to over 3000000 visitors worldwide

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