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Fuengirola is a place in the province of Malaga in the renowned Costa del Sol practically fully urbanized with attractive real estate, which is of interest to foreign buyers¸ Due to several reasons mentioned below: has a coastal strip of 8 kilometers, and where temperatures can reach 30 degrees celsiuswhich, is very attractive for international investors, especially those in which the country of origin of the winters are very strong, such as Finns, Britons, Danes, Norwegians, among others. At present the price of the square meter is around 1985 Euros, and in that area can be found apartments for sale in Fuengirola from only 65,000 Euros with the following characteristics: located in the center of the city, with a total of 62 square meters, 3 rooms, a 1 km from the beach, furnished, a double room and 2 single rooms, a bathroom, a toilet, property for living, northwest orientation, stoneware and parquet flooring, aluminum exterior carpentry. You will also find countless attractions here, such as the Sohail Castle, religious sites and the most distinguished beaches.

The beaches are undoubtedly one of its most important attractions, where tourists and locals come to enjoy the sea and all its benefits and also encourages them to buy properties for sale in Costa del Sol, specifically in Fuengirola, also it has the largest of the nation and with strong investment promenade that make buying a house there is an excellent business. According to the last census, which was conducted in 2015, has about 77,525 inhabitants, which makes it the 5th largest city in the province itself as one of the highest density, with an approximate average 7500 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The best prices on apartments

The average price per square meter in this area is about 1,985 €, which has sold showing a decline of -1.21 in recent weeks, which then shows that the average cost of a property, if we rely on at least about 1000 properties could then be about 248,111 €.

The areas with the lowest prices on property are Sabinillas and La Duquesa, whose average house price is around € 153,159 and € 191,364 respectively. And they have this kind of characteristics:

– 84 m²

– Originally three bedroom converted into two

-Level marble entry level

-Bedroom with wall-to-wall cabinet

– Full bathroom

– Double bedroom with fitted wardrobe

– Air Conditioned

– Pool

Apartments in Fuengirola
The most popular apartments are just those that have sea view and swimming pools

Now if you need real estate advice is to buy an apartment in this area or to sell, we invite you to contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions.

How much does an apartment in Fuengirola cost?

  • According to our real estate company, apartments in Fuengirola ranging from € 65.000 to 550.000 €

For example: you can find a flat in 109,000 euros with the following characteristics:

  • 96 square meters
  • Located at downtown
  • Floor 9
  • 6 m2 terrace
  • 3 double rooms
  • Northwest facing
  • Nearby sports areas
  • Community garden
  • Terrazzo floor
  • Near: shopping centers, schools, golf, hospitals, parks, train, fenced, clear views, crossing area, children’s zones

You can also find apartments that are around 200,000 euros, such as this property whose value is 273,500 and has the following characteristics:

– Located in Playa Los Boliches

– 95 m²

– 3 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes

– It has a living room

– 1 bathroom, a toilet, independent and equipped kitchen and terrace with frontal sea views.

The apartment is in excellent condition and has been renovated bathroom, toilet, kitchen, doors and windows. It has ceiling fans in living room and bedrooms.

– In one of the best areas of the promenade and next to all services such as supermarkets, banks, shops, schools, etc.

properties for sale in Fuengirola
From 200.000 euros you can find in this area luxury apartments, on the first line and overlooking the sea

Also you can find apartments of greater cost, such as this one that costs: € 470,000:

  • 350 m²
  • 4 large rooms, all with fitted wardrobes, two of them with bathroom en suite.
  • Detached house on one level with flat plot and sea views.
  • Set on a plot of 700m2 facing south, with a constructed area of 350m2 distributed on one floor.
  • Entrance hall giving access to a large dining room on two levels with several outlets to the garden, fireplace and bar area, perfect for celebrations
  • Kitchen- office fully furnished and equipped, with access to a nice stone-covered porch with barbecue area
  • Bars in windows and exterior doors, wooden doors, built-in wardrobes in all bedrooms, air conditioning (split machine) covered parking space for two vehicles
  • A few minutes walking from “El Parque de la Batería” and a few minutes driving from the center of Malaga.

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Fuengirola has the longest promenade country

When we think about investing in Costa del Sol, without a doubt there is something that comes to mind, and is about all the famous and imposing landscapes that are in place, but one that is the most attractive for both local and for tourists, and is undoubtedly the beaches that are in the area and which attract thousands of people every year, which some of them make the decision to buy a house in this area with the aim of having a property that allow them to enjoy the best vacation and also have a room in which to stay whenever you wish to visit the place.


This well-known city has what is known as “El Paseo Maritimo in Fuengirola” which is also called the “Paseo del Rey de España” that in English is like “the walk of Spain’s King” and has a length of about 7 kilometers, which starts from the Sohail Castle in part westernmost to east in Torreblanca.

Also it is very important to mention that boasts the longest promenade of the nation, which is best to have a lovely ride when the sun every evening falls, also is surrounded by a striking flora, palm trees and a large number of benches where you can have a well deserved rest after a long walk and tranquilizer. Likewise, it is also important to note that in turn has a small but complete marina from which both pleasure boats and yachts can initiate long walks on the Costa del Sol.

In our Associated Real Estate Portals you can find a large number of properties for sale in this area, so we invite you to check them to find the house that you’ve always dreamed of

It is one of the favorite destinations of tourists

Fuengirola has managed to become one of the most attractive and favorite for tourists, especially domestic, bearings and is that this area has also managed to be crowned with a significant increase in international tourists, which has been growing at a rapid pace year after year since a couple of decades, which has undoubtedly boosted the real estate business in Spain and growth in generally the same.

One of the most common choices that are inclined investors is to acquire a property and then be able to rent apartment on the Costa del Sol, which generates a series of extra profits without much effort.


Hundreds of tourists from Germany, France, Switzerland, China and other European countries visit each year and even several times a year this area, looking for a place that gives them the heat they need and all the benefits that account Fuengirola among which we cannot put aside the stunning beaches, which are part of the main reasons to invest in the area, among them include:

Playa del Castillo, El Ejido: if you are driving from Marbella to Fuengirola, Playa del Castillo will be the first that you are getting, and which is also known as the Playa del Castillo. Undoubtedly it is a very special place and his only time, since it is the only beach where you will be able to find 8 colors boats ready to sail the crystal clear waters of Andalusia.

fuengirola beaches
One of the main reasons why foreigners buy apartments in the area is because of the quality of its beaches

Santa Amalia: in this case, this beach is connecting with El Ejido, which achieved through a suspension bridge that can be seen from the A7 road when you drive from Marbella.

Likewise, there are other beaches is ideal to visit them, as they provide a warm, safe and of course much enjoyment to locals and tourists, is: Los Boliches Carvajal, Las Gaviotas, Torreblanca, San Francisco, and El Ejido are main, and we are also confident they have all the necessary requirements so that you achieve a great day of summer, in which the activities on the water, recorded in the sand and comfortable seats will attract thousands of swimmers from anywhere on the planet.

Major investments for urban improvements in the area 

Malaga Council planned to allocate in this 2016 a total of one million euros Investment Plan Financially Sustainable (PIFS) in order that carried out a series of urban improvements in the center of this renowned city. To be more specific it will be carrying out a thorough remodeling of the Inca and Paloma Blanca streets and also plans a storm drain that is located on the waterfront is unfolding.


For his part, the president of the council of Malaga, Elijah Bendodo, and Ana Mula, the mayor of Fuengirola, have been responsible for presenting the three proposals that will form part of the Investment Plan financially sustainable.

Also, Bendodo released to the media, as well as the inhabitants of the area to be treated to an extraordinary plan that for the third consecutive year, will be developed by the council and also has with a budget of 24.4 million euros, which is intended to help it energizes and greater and better economic activity is generated in the 103 municipalities of the province, to be this way promotes what the generating new jobs, infrastructure and all the equipment in the area improve himself.

In the same way it is important to add that such planning is the result of good efforts, with one goal which is to make the economic situation improves and the treasury of this institution. Which it is what has allowed it to carry out new and better works in the area in order to make it grow and that more and more investment property in place, and that no doubt all these changes they are productive and positive for Fuengirola, as it allows a greater number of investors, both local and foreign, to overturn his gaze this way and make the decision to buy an apartment in the Costa del Sol.

Fun and many places of interest

Now if there is one very important when investing in property point, because it is the one just has to do with the sites that are in the place that is to buy a property, whether a house, apartment or villa. That is why we introduce a list of places that represent more attractive place:

Bioparc Fuengirola: its inauguration took place almost 40 years ago, but has been rejuvenated as well as expanded on a couple of occasions, currently has an approximate area of 2 hectares, which are getting at least some 1,300 animals of 140 different species.

Museum of Fuengirola: is the only museum in this area, which was inaugurated in 2003. To date had a collection of ruins that were related to the history of the city and which came largely from the castle and the Finca Secretariat, as well as deposits of Cerro de Suel. Its location is in the former home of Official Veterinarian, which is located in the square of Spain. Today accumulates unique exhibits extraordinary, as that is dedicated to the Catholic Monarchs, Japan or the world Playmobil. The museum is located at Calle María Josefa Larrucea, 3, 29640, and works from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Castillo Sohail: this Arab precinct of urban character, was built on a Roman fortress which lay a couple of years earlier. Today it is located on a small hill, which is isolated by the mouth of the river Fuengirola. Most of what can be seen in that place is the time of the Caliphate of Abd al-Rahman III, who ordered the construction of the castle hundreds of years ago, around the year 956. Likewise Punic and Phoenician remains have been found in the surrounding area, in the deposits of Suel and Finca Acevedo. This castle is located in Calle Mijas, 29649.

Its streets have been recently refurbished, also have stunning beaches and a very strategic location, because it is only 20 minutes driving to Malaga airport and the life there is totally fantastic, so it is convenient property investment in the area.

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